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Winter Haven
Adventist Academy...

Our Mission...

Winter Haven Adventist Academy (WHAA) exists to provide:
      WISDOM through an exceptional Educational Program
      HARMONY through a nurturing Christian Atmosphere
      ATTENTIVENESS to individual Needs of our Students, and
      AWARENESS that Prepares students for Service to God and Mankind.

Our Purpose...

Winter Haven Adventist Academy strives to provide a creative, loving educational environment for children to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually through individual and group learning experiences. This is achieved under the guidance and nurture of carefully chosen, certified Christian teachers.

The WHAA staff encourages all students to pursue academic excellence through instruction that develops each child’s full educational and spiritual potential.

In this nurturing Christian environment, teachers emphasize the value of achieving excellence, the value of the eternal soul, the worth of the individual, the love of God for man, and the kinship of all peoples as taught in the Holy Scriptures.

Our School...

Christian Education is a step in the right direction for parents who want something exceptional out of the process of educating their children. Parents have the right to expect GREAT education for their children, and at Winter Haven Adventist Academy you will find a place where you can rest assured your child is receiving a God-centered, Results-oriented, Environmentally-stimulating, Academically-sound, and Team-spirited education that will bring out the very best in your children.
Click here to find the Advantages of Christian Education.

WHAA (the academy) is currently preparing for the 2010-2011 school year as a unique, technology advanced, multi-age, multi-grade classroom. Click here to find the Advantages of Multi-grade/Multi-age Classrooms.

Our Staff...

Vicki Turner, head teacher/principal, brings to WHAA a wealth of experience as a multi-age, multi-grade teacher. She has been enjoying the “family” atmosphere created by this type of classroom for 25+ years. She and her support staff work diligently to bring meaning to new concepts, perfect skills, instill daily challenges and provide a wealth of learning opportunities that help students trust in God, grow in wisdom through His leading and develop the gifts He has freely given His children.

Our Philosophy...

At WHAA our educational philosophy simply put is this: We believe that hidden within each child, God has planted an area of genius, an area that will uniquely prepare them for the service they will provide to bring us closer to Christ’s return. It is our job as parents, educators, pastors, and church family to give our children every opportunity to stretch their wings and develop their talents and grow the seed that God has planted.

Students learn about their planet and their environment, themselves and others, not only in the classroom but by participating in special programs and field trips to broaden their perspective of who they are, where they live, and the world around them. Students work on real-life projects like gardening, woodworking, practical experiments, plays, and art projects, as well as, learning basic subjects and numerous computer skills.

Our Program...

Students are exposed to a wide variety of educational opportunities. In addition to a strong mathematical program and excellent linguistic instruction, in-room computers and printers allow students to learn to prepare reports and papers in a professional manner. Computers in each classroom have "on-line" capabilities and students are taught browsing skills for research and access to up-to-date "world wide web" information sources. Students learn to prepare special presentations using Power Point, Excel, and many other software applications.

Students (and teachers, also) look forward to breaks from the routine as they participate in Trips and Activities. Click on the link and you will see "our kids" involved in various outings. We will add to this page as the current year's activities take place.

The school is located in the Cook/Iverson Activities Center, behind the church, 401 Avenue K, SE. There is still room for a few new students for the 2009-2010 school year. It is not too late to register. See the School Calendar for Registration dates and times as well as other important events.

Our Teamwork...

It has often been said, “It takes a village to raise a child”. At WHAA we are very much aware of how important it is to include many wonderful role models in our student’s lives to help them grow happy, healthy and productive. It is our job and privilege, as parents, educators, pastors, and church family to work together as a team to grow our children toward the kingdom and provide the various tools they need for success. Christian mentors are an important part of that process. This goal can only be achieved as we strive to seek God’s Wisdom, pull together in Harmony of Spirit, be Attentive to our youth, and nurture their Awareness of God’s plans for their life. This type of teamwork will ensure that our children will find their “WHAA” (way) into a deep relationship with their Creator, Redeemer and Friend, Jesus Christ, thus acquiring a lifetime of true happiness and contentment. Become part of the Winter Haven Adventist Academy team. Parents, Grandparents, volunteers, church members and friends of the community are encouraged to join the students for a variety of learning activities including worships, fieldtrips, labs and day-by-day classroom activities such as reading, spelling, etc.

Your - tax deductable - support through "SAFE" (Student Aid for Education) donations are another way you can become part of this remarkable team. The funds you donate are not only very much appreciated, but they play a major part in keeping the school financially sound.

Our Contact Information...

THANK YOU for taking time to get to know us through this website, we would love to hear from you.

For information about Winter Haven Adventist Academy:
Contact Vicki Turner, Teacher via e-mail,
Cell Phone: 863-604-3333,
School Phone: 863-299-7984
School Fax: 863-299-9322 -- or

Contact the Pastor via e-mail, or
Albert Ellis, Pastor,
Pastor's Phone: 407-617-2564

Contact the School Pages Web Editor via e-mail.

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