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Winter Haven Welcomes

Rudy Micelli
Artistree Recording Artist and
Pastor Bill Tucker
International Evangelist,
Television Host, and President of

The Quiet Hour
Together with his wife Jackie.

A High Sabbath Indeed at the
Seventh-day Adventist Church of Winter Haven
January 14, 2006

Does Jesus ever get His hands dirty?

Worship Sabbath morning started with Jackie Tucker telling the children a story about an evangelistic series they were holding recently. The program was going to include projecting many images on a screen. The sound technician told them the screen was broken and had been for some six months.

Jackie and Bill Tucker of The Quiet Hour decided it was definitely time to have a prayer meeting. They gathered in a corner of the auditorium and began to pray. Together with them was a young man, rather new in the faith. Jackie said he offered just a simple prayer.

This web-editor wasn't there but I would like to think it might have gone something like this.

Dear God, You who have created the heavens and earth, You who parted the Red Sea, You who caused the axe head to float, something like a screen that dosen't work is no trouble for You to fix. We humbly ask that You repair this broken projection screen. In Jesus name we ask it. Amen.

They again went back to the platform and asked the sound technician to lower the screen. He responded, I told you it's broken, hasn't worked in months.

Won't you please try it again, they asked?

He did and it did! It worked perfectly that is. Now I don't know if Jesus ever gets His hands dirty, but that projection screen could very well have had a broken gear in a grease filled case, but God fixed it perfectly. There are many people working for the Lord who can attest to the fact that they have prayed over an old car motor that will not run, over an old washing machine that dosen't work or, yes, even over a broken projection screen and God has answered their prayer.

If it is to God's glory and if it is His will that the mission they are doing is something He wants them to accomplish, then He is still in the business on performing miracles.

We just have to stand back in awe as we observe the power of His might.

Click The Quiet Hour for additional information.

I know that in Heaven I will sing with heavenly choirs BUT when I get there I think I'll look up Rudy for some voice lessions. Rudy Micelli is a young man with much love for the Lord and a lot of dedication to serve Him.

The following words were taken from Rudy's web site Rudy Micelli and young people today would gain a lot by following this example.

"It is not worth it to leave Jesus to taste a bit of what the world has to offer."

"If there is a word to be spoken, or song to be sung,
if there is a place where You want me to sing about your love,
to be a help to the hurting, and hope where there is no light,
to stand beside another brother and together preach about Your cross.
Give me words and I shall speak them...
Give me songs, Lord, and I shall sing them...
Show me the way and I will go...
I want to be your voice...
Lord, I want to be your voice.
I can hear your voice within me,
And I want to carry on Your love.
Here I am Lord, willing to be a lighthouse."

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