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Why Multi-Grade,

Why Multi-Grade,

Multi-Age Education?



In most multi-grade classrooms, the teacher has fewer students and therefore can give each child more individual attention. The lower pupil-teacher ratio allows for more careful assessment of the needs and strengths of each student. The multi-grade environment also helps students take more responsibility for their own behaviors and learning.



Psychologists and educators have come to understand that children do not develop according to a rigid timetable. Parents with multiple children have known this for a long time. No two siblings walk at the same time, talk at the same time or even cut teeth at the same exact time.


In a multi-grade classroom, the teacher can easily gear the student's work to individual needs. An added advantage is that most multi-grade teachers have their students for more than one year and work on the continuous progress of each student rather than the repetition of classwork assigned to each grade. Thus multi-grade educators can more easily provide developmentally appropriate activities for their students.


Multi-grade classrooms are grounded in active learning and exploration. Each child has the opportunity for success through many types of instruction, including whole group, small group, and individual.



A classroom having children of several ages enables students to gain perspective on what is happening in the lives and education of children both younger and older. It helps them gain a more accurate sense of the past and future in terms of experiences and interests and stimulates the entire learning environment. Multi-grade education is designed to encourage collaborative learning and de-emphasizes age barriers and competition.



Multi-grade environments encompass the philosophy of "Success teaches Success."  Students are given a chance to learn from each other through modeling. Not only is this of benefit to the younger or challenged child, substantial research reveals that the older students learn more than those they tutor and they develop excellent leadership skills, as well.



Small school environments provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Multi-grade classrooms enable children to seek their own levels for learning and social interaction, as well as, fostering positive peer relationships. Friendly interaction based on understanding and respect is embedded in the curriculum of multi- grade schools.



More than a decade of research reveals positive findings about multi-grade classrooms. Research shows that students in these classrooms perform equally or better academically than their peers in traditional grade level classes and they shine when it comes to developing social competency and acquiring positive attitudes toward school. Combined classrooms also offer ample opportunities for students to become resourceful and independent learners.



The small student-to-teacher ratio gives excellent opportunities for the teacher to share Christ with the students on a more personal basis. With a home school like environment, students generally feel safe and nurtured, which in turn makes them more open to spiritual guidance and growth. From these experiences and the advantage of flexible scheduling, the teacher can more easily lead the students into community service and witnessing activities.


Where you find us...
The school is located in the Cook/Iverson Activities Center, behind the church, 401 Avenue K, SE. There is still room for a few new students for the 2007-2008 school year. It is not too late to register for second semester. See the School Calendar for Registration dates and times as well as other important events.

For information about Winter Haven Adventist Academy:
Contact Vicki Turner, Teacher via e-mail, or
Cell Phone: 863-604-3333,
School Phone: 863-299-7984 -- or

Contact the Pastor via e-mail, or
Walter Maier, Pastor,
115 Waldemar Ct., SE
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Pastor's Phone: 863-224-2196
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