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The Warriors at Faith on Fire International Camporee
August 9 ~ Travel and Set-up Camp
Winter Haven's Warrior Pathfinder Club in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

One container, two container, three containers "D" and still counting. Sunday, July 18, the pathfinders and staff brought ALL their luggage and camping gear to be packed and ready for shipping to Oshkosh. There was great excitement in the air, and lunch set the stage for the staff to pack the "D-Containers", ALL THREE OF THEM! No, the kitchen sink - - - wait-a-minute, they DID take the kitchen sink. Just three weeks to go!

(Click on photos below to enlarge, use browser back arrow to return to photo thumbnails.)

Travel to Oshkosh was relatively uneventful (that is if you call being at the church early enough to catch the bus and having a leadership panic attack when the airline didn't have a ticket for Angel). First was a bus trip to the Orlando Airport. This was followed by a safe flight, even if it did leave 20 minutes late because some couldn't seem to find their seats. The final leg of the trip was another bus trip. The pastor tried to keep up, but soon fell back, when the pathfinders "bribed" the driver to leave the pastor in the dust. Camp set-up and camp life come tommorrow.

Contact the Pathfinder Director , Sherry Hanson, or
Contact the Pathfinder Assistant Director , Charles Dismuke
For Additional Information about the club, membership or how you can become involved.

Contact the Pastor for Additional Information
or for Special Prayer.
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