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The Bible, the basis for all learning...
Christian Education begins with, and is founded on, the Bible as an instrument of highest education. Each day begins with a time of relationship where each student is lead to know Jesus as a personal friend. Students commit portions of scripture to memory, and have Bible class each day.

A friend who never fails...
It is here, in an environment where principles of Christ-likeness are integrated in every class, that young minds examine what it means to have a best friend, Jesus, to guide them each day.

Prayer unlocks the power of God...
Students are taught that prayer is a key to unlock the blessings of heaven. Prayer is appropriate anytime, and at anyplace. Whether it is praying for God's help on an exam, or praying for help to work difficult problems, students learn they can call on God anytime.

A morning salute to the flag...
Jesus taught us to "render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's, and to God that which is God's. A patriotic spirit is encouraged as students, regardless of age or grade, "Pledge Allegiance" to the flag of our great country. History takes on new meaning as it is framed in the culture, the national pride of being an American.

Individual and personal care...
Small classes are a step in the right direction for parents who want something better out of the process of educating their children. At Winter Haven Adventist Academy you will find a place where excellence brings you the very best for your children. The blend of multiple grades in each classroom encourages those who excell to strive for excellence while at the same time providing a greater level of one-to-one teaching for those who need a little extra help.

Where you find us...
The school is located in the Cook/Iverson Activities Center, behind the church, 401 Avenue K, SE. There is still room for a few new students for the 2007-2008 school year. It is not too late to register for second semester. See the School Calendar for Registration dates and times as well as other important events.

For information about Winter Haven Adventist Academy:
Contact Vicki Turner, Teacher via e-mail, or
Cell Phone: 863-604-3333,
School Phone: 863-299-7984 -- or

Contact the Pastor via e-mail, or
Walter Maier, Pastor,
115 Waldemar Ct., SE
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Pastor's Phone: 863-224-2196
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